19 CEOs, 3 Hours, 1 Book

I’m amazed I got this one to work.

The 4As and ThinkLA offered to invite a bunch of Los Angeles-area ad agency CEOs to dinner, so they could meet Hyper Island and see what we’re all about. So… what should we do?

A powerpoint presentation about what Hyper Island does felt lame. We needed to blow their pants off.

So, I created a dinner workshop who’s end goal was to literally create a book on the topic of “moving quickly” — something all agencies are being asked to do more often.

Someday I’ll write in more detail about all the different elements that went into this. But for now, check out the Fast Company post, which does a very nice job.

Also, a big thanks to my friends at Social Print Studio, who helped us build a system that grabbed Instagram photos from the event printed them live, and (even cooler) converted black-and-white artwork into color vector artwork, printed it, AND stuck the files into a Dropbox folder for us automatically. It was simple, yet amazing.

Nothing like simple technology hacks to help you move quickly.

Oh, and you can get the final product here.

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