The Beginning


This is the beginning of my blog.

I have a love / hate relationship with beginnings.

At the beginning of an idea, everything is full of promise and potential. Nothing’s been ruined by reality yet. At this stage, every idea is a million-dollar idea.

But to take even that tiny first step into action is frustrating. Because things stop being perfect. They require time and effort to figure out.

At this point in my blog-writing, I haven’t totally found my own voice yet. (I seem to be channeling a more humble Seth Godin at the moment.)

Thoughts that are brilliant in my head seem fuzzy when I put them into words. And the whole process of writing and editing takes WAY longer than I thought it would.

But, hey. Now I’m writing a blog. And that’s more than I could say last week.

With time and effort (there are those words again), all my issues will get figured out. Eventually, I’ll develop my own style. (Or at least grow more confident in ripping Seth Godin’s style off.) I’ll get better at articulating my brilliant thoughts. And it will take me less time to do so.

With everything that’s new, we just have to do it. And we have to accept that it won’t be perfect right away.

That’s the creative process. Whether it’s creating an ad, giving birth to a song, painting a picture, starting a company or writing a blog.

Beginning is the hard part. So, there. Now at least I’ve begun.


  1. Neal Foard wrote:

    I have bought you seven years’ good luck from a voodoo priestess I met on the subway. It cost me seven dollars and half my Subway sandwich. But it’s supposed to be authentic. So, you’re off on the grand adventure, with a cosmic insurance policy.